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herbaldness's Journal

Bald Ladies
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I Shave My Hair

for I am not you, as you are not I
I shave my hair for I am no better than you, as you are no better than I
I shave my hair for those thousand moments where I am
judged as a woman
judged as long flowing tresses breasts and ass
condemned as a silent not following the groove freak
condemned as a label that a stranger slaps upon my being
tortured as a woman
tortured as a human
I rid myself of the physical notability in hopes
that you may view the inner beauty and pain and breath
I rid myself in the hopes that you may rid yourself of the assumptioms
I rid myself so you may feel my humanness
I expose myself dreaming that you may do the same
I expose myself and pray.
- a poem taken from the book I Am Beautiful, A Celebration of Women in Their Own Words

* * * * * *

This is a community for girls and women of LiveJournal who are partially or completely bald, for whatever reason. Here, you can discuss anything pertaining to life as a short-haired chick in a society where long-haired females are the standard of beauty.

Admirers of women with this edgy look are also welcome, but please recognize that this is NOT a hairfetish community. No pestering the ladies for photos or anything of that sort. If this is the type of thing you're looking for, please proceed to hairfetish.

Community membership is closed in an attempt to keep those here solely for fetish purposes out. Click the "join" link at the top of the community info page, and I will get a notification that there is a request to join. I will look at your userinfo and perhaps poke around your journal a bit, just to get a feel for you, and will probably accept you. I do reserve the right to deny anyone posting access to the community if there exists no evidence that the person requesting to join actually exists (meaning, have some sort of involvement in your journal, not just an account to be able to post here, ya dig?), or if I feel uncomfortable allowing them in for whatever reason. If you feel you have wrongly been denied access, feel free to drop me an email at kschap AT gmail DOT com with your arguments. Also, please be patient with the requests; sometimes I just get busy with other junk and forget there are people to be approved. Don't worry, I will get to you eventually. :)

- Keep your fetishes to yourself while browsing/posting in the community.
- ABSOLUTELY NO taking any of the girls' pictures for any reason without their permission.
- No requests for girls to "shave it all off" or "go completely bald", or whatever, unless they're asking for the community's advice on changing their 'do.
- Please put extensive/large images behind an lj-cut.
- Posts containing nude photography must be friends-only, with a "not work safe" warning, and the photos behind an lj-cut. If you need help with the lj-cut function, feel free to contact me.

Community members:
If you encounter any trouble whatsoever with people in this community (or on LJ in general) who threaten your comfort levels here, please do not hesitate to let me know about it. My email address is listed above. I will do what I can to keep this a safe space for everyone. :)

((created & maintained by kschap))