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Sisterhood of the Brave

Sadly, I have let my hair grow back in.

Sniff.. sniff…
Yeah, yeah, I could go bald again, but here’s my problem. I’m a fair weather friend. Meaning that I REALLY don’t like the cold. Call me wimpy~ that’s fair. The thought of being bald during the winter was something I knew I would hate, so there was some dread there. My husband, while totally supportive and still thought I was sexy, mildly complained about the prickly-ness of the stubble. And lastly, I was going on a 3-week trip and did not want to deal with shaving and being ‘looked at.

Facing all those factors, I stopped shaving a week before my trip. In Greece and Italy, I wore this bandana, A LOT.

What has been the hardest is that while bald is not my favorite look on me, I preferred it to this super short hair.

After a while, I couldn’t stand seeing all the gray hairs, so I colored it chocolate cherry.

Better, but there is something weird about this hair growing in. I notice that it has an incredibly strong growth pattern. So, you really just have to ‘go with it’. As it is growing in, I feel like I am wearing a ‘Hair Hat’. A pouf-y hair hat. An ugly, pouf-y hair hat. I look like Sharon Osborne. Sigh.

Will I go bald again? Yes. When? I don’t know. The growing back phase really sucks. So, it will be while before I post again, but I just wanted to say, thank you to all you supportive ladies out there.

Thank you!

Posting my thoughts, feelings and pictures here helped me to feel not alone, and not freakish, like I must be going through mid-life or something. Posting here has helped me to feel part of a sisterhood of...

brave bald women.

That is what I miss most about being bald.

This is today, 6 months long

It was 9 months ago I went bald.

This is later today, I cut it...going for an inverted bob

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