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Wednesday was my son’s first day back at school. They have coffee/tea and muffins for the parents, so I parked and walked around. Said hello to a few people I knew. And yes, I was the only bald woman there. I’m positive I challenged some people’s ideas of femininity today. wink The school is quasi-christian… waldorf.

Some people were overly friendly and ‘positive’ about my ‘new look’. So much so, that I got a weird vibe, one I had not felt before… then it dawned on me that they just might think I’m mentally unstable. Perhaps depressed and unhappy. HA!

It kind of bothered me. But truth be told, I’m always uncomfortable around the other parents, as, well…they aren’t my people. You know what I mean?

I spoke to my husband about this and he said, “Be thankful they don't have pitch forks and there are laws to protect you.” [he always makes me laugh]
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Good evening ladies :D Let me preface this by saying that I've been browsing the community for awhile now and you all look ABSOLUTELY drop-dead gorgeous. ♥

I've recently turned 18 and graduated HS, starting (community) college in the fall. Now, I have bounced back and forth with the idea of shaving my head for atleast three years. I always had something holding me back - peer-related issues, totally overwhelmed with school, and just a lack of courage in general.

Years later, I have come to terms with the fact that I will never see 95% of my HS class again, that school stress can be managed, and that there's so much more good than bad to come out of this experience (so courage has been built up slowly). The only thing that's really stopping me now?

Wondering how to bring it up to my mother.

I honestly thought about doing it and not telling her, but I really wanted to spare her freaking out on me. I do tell her everything, but I know she'll try to talk me out of this. I love her to death, but she's a very coercive person. This is also a tentative subject in our family. We never talk about hair or other looks-related issues. Never have, really.

How do you propose I bring it up to her, and how do I let her know that she CANNOT talk me out of it, and that the only reason I'm telling her is just to clue her in on the decisions I make?

Thanks ♥