Elle (_elle_) wrote in herbaldness,

Sisterhood of the Brave

Sadly, I have let my hair grow back in.

Sniff.. sniff…
Yeah, yeah, I could go bald again, but here’s my problem. I’m a fair weather friend. Meaning that I REALLY don’t like the cold. Call me wimpy~ that’s fair. The thought of being bald during the winter was something I knew I would hate, so there was some dread there. My husband, while totally supportive and still thought I was sexy, mildly complained about the prickly-ness of the stubble. And lastly, I was going on a 3-week trip and did not want to deal with shaving and being ‘looked at.

Facing all those factors, I stopped shaving a week before my trip. In Greece and Italy, I wore this bandana, A LOT.

What has been the hardest is that while bald is not my favorite look on me, I preferred it to this super short hair.

After a while, I couldn’t stand seeing all the gray hairs, so I colored it chocolate cherry.

Better, but there is something weird about this hair growing in. I notice that it has an incredibly strong growth pattern. So, you really just have to ‘go with it’. As it is growing in, I feel like I am wearing a ‘Hair Hat’. A pouf-y hair hat. An ugly, pouf-y hair hat. I look like Sharon Osborne. Sigh.

Will I go bald again? Yes. When? I don’t know. The growing back phase really sucks. So, it will be while before I post again, but I just wanted to say, thank you to all you supportive ladies out there.

Thank you!

Posting my thoughts, feelings and pictures here helped me to feel not alone, and not freakish, like I must be going through mid-life or something. Posting here has helped me to feel part of a sisterhood of...

brave bald women.

That is what I miss most about being bald.

This is today, 6 months long

It was 9 months ago I went bald.

This is later today, I cut it...going for an inverted bob

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I so hear you, I've been growing mine, temporarily, It's chin length almost, except that I have very thick wavy puffy crazy hair, so it's more out than down. For me it's that I've gained so very much weight, that I don't feel being bald suits me at just under 300lbs. I've had some major health issues and am unable to excersize, and have meds that cause me to be hungry -all- the time, I'm getting a safe weight loss surgical procedure in July, lap band, adjustable, reversable, removable, low side effect procedure that goes in using a tiny incision, I'm going to shave my head again at 200lbs as a celebration and reward. But going from no hair, or from wearing mostly shaved styles like mohawkss, having hair is hard to adjust to.
Well a bunch of your fans look forward to losing weight so you can lose your hair.


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Well you look good with or without hair. But let me tell you. I had a mohawk and the northern winters are not kind on an exposed scalp.
Yikes! :)
i understand every word you wrote. i'm going through that right now....its been 4/5 months since i shaved my head and i miss it soo much. i could just shave it off, but alas i made a bet with a friend that i wouldn't cut my hair at all until its longer. this growing out stage is horrible :(
I figured there were a 'bunch of us' out there... those that were bald and now were growing their hair out.

I do miss being bald sometimes
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I figured there were a 'bunch of us' out there... those that were bald and now were growing their hair out.

I do miss being bald sometimes <sniff, sniff>
Just from a fellow admirer and fellow baldie. I was totally inspired by your shaved head. You definitely need to go bald again. You have the most graceful head I have ever seen, and it would deprive society for you to hide it. However it is your scalp, and you hold the right to bare it or not. But it would make me extatic to see the dome shining again. Is this a temporary growing period or do you plan on growing it out for good. Grow it out, shave it into a hawk, then bare yourself again. Please baby!!! You are a true bald goddess!!!!!!!!!!!
You're too kind:)
While bald, I did get a couple requests for interviews from bald sites. While super flattering to my ego and totally inline with my core value of FREEDOM... being a Bald Women's 'Poster Girl'or Advocate is not inline with my current life goals.

Having said that... I will go bald again one day.
I'm going through growing out woes myself at the moment.
You look great whatever your hair is like, though
Thank you!
you look so good either way.

im growing mine out as well! its about 2 inches right now, and im actually pretty excited because i really want my dreads back.
Thank you!
Dreads: You've got a long way to go!:)


11 years ago

shave it again this summer...i miss seeing it lol
Cutting with a #2 guard and still using conditioner allows you to keep bald(ish) while remaining soft. During my bald years in Minnesota, I acquired a large collection of hats, which were actually more comfortable to wear on the 1/4" hair, than on pokey stubble, or even longer hair. At that length, you can still colour it, too.

The look seems to suit you, too, based on your scarf picture.
I think you look young and hip bald, where as with hair...you kinda look conservative.
You know, I grow my hair out every once and a while. I always come back to shaved. I think it looks great short. You can always do it again come summer! Mine is about an inch and a half long, and I'm thinking of shaving it soon.
It's your choice to grow your hair out, just as it was your choice when you shaved your head. In the process, you probably lent a lot of support to many women. Your husband being supportive may have helped some men along the way too by setting an example. Bravo to both of you.
In EVERY SINGLE PICTURE, you look so cute! I think it's brave that you tried it at all, as a responsible thirty-something mother in the suburbs. I think you showed a lot of people something they needed to see, and I don't mean the prettiness of your naked head. :-)

My wife shaves her head and says it's extremely addictive. She hate-hate-hates the growing-back process. She found out by accident (martial arts instructor, got kicked in the head, couldn't shave for a couple weeks) that her hair's curly now, and I wanted to see it, but she didn't. I know if she's going to endure a NYC winter bald (with lots of little knit caps), she's certainly not letting it grow this summer. Of course, I reinforce that choice by not being able to pass her shiny little head without kissing or rubbing it, I'm sure.

Me, my hair's too nice, my skin is too NOT, and my face is too round; I'm not starting! :-)

I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Gail. And I too just recently joined the sisterhood of baldness. For me it was a spur of the moment discision. My future husband has a hair fettish. And when I started dating him, I discovered that I enjoyed the hair thing just as much as he did. But I only kept it short. Well I always kept it short. But I enjoy having him cut my hair. Last monday I stayed home from work (playing hooky) and he offered to cut my hair again. I said sure. A little hanky panky first thing in the mornng sounded like fun. Well one thing led to another, and pretty soon my head was shaved clean. No planning. Just spontaneous. I know this may sound like what every other woman discovers about shaving her head, but what a feeling of freedom! What a feeling of enpowerment!

My fiance introduced me to this site and I just had to write to you. Of all the other women I feel more a connection with you. Thank you for letting me tell my story.
You are welcome Gail. Sorry for the last posting!
I think it is highly erotic to have your lover cut your hair! I cut my husbands and it is always a turn on for me. There is something intimate about it :)

Great pictures all.
oh i love you i love you i love you. I think your head is perfectly suited to being bald. You should leave it all grow back then shave it off again
I shaved my head for the first time last summer, now it is about 3 inches long and I am tired of having hair, I want the wnderful feeling of being bald again. At the same time, I want to see how it looks longer. I just don't want to wait and take care of it. Everyone wants me to keep my hair, which makes me feel like it might be a mistake to shave it and have to grow it all over again (like many have said, the inbetween stage is awful).

I am not sure what to do, I'm thinking about ten inches is a good length, and then I can give it to locks of love. Heh, sorry about the rant, what do you all think?

And Elle, you are gorgeous no matter what. Whatever you want to do would be wonderful I think.
Growing it out is hard. There are many times that I want to cut it. That is when I console myself with hats, new gel, part it a different way and a warm knowledge that I will be bald again some day. Sometimes I want to be bald again because I want the identity of a bald person and the attention. Those are not good enough reasons for me to do it. Compelling for sure... but not who I am or how I live my life.

If I were to cut it, I know I will feel like kicking myself for having 'given in' and I will miss the 3-5" of hair I grew. You see-- either decision has it's pro's and con's. When you feel and think [heart and head]in one direction over the other, then the con's won't matter so much. If you are not sure, then you are in the middle. Do nothing. Allow yourself to be inspired either way.

Like I wrote in your post... from my perspective... you have a long life ahead of you. You can do it all. I know, I know... it's just what to do next....!! :)
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