Elle (_elle_) wrote in herbaldness,

Pitchforks and Laws

Window Thoughts

Wednesday was my son’s first day back at school. They have coffee/tea and muffins for the parents, so I parked and walked around. Said hello to a few people I knew. And yes, I was the only bald woman there. I’m positive I challenged some people’s ideas of femininity today. wink The school is quasi-christian… waldorf.

Some people were overly friendly and ‘positive’ about my ‘new look’. So much so, that I got a weird vibe, one I had not felt before… then it dawned on me that they just might think I’m mentally unstable. Perhaps depressed and unhappy. HA!

It kind of bothered me. But truth be told, I’m always uncomfortable around the other parents, as, well…they aren’t my people. You know what I mean?

I spoke to my husband about this and he said, “Be thankful they don't have pitch forks and there are laws to protect you.” [he always makes me laugh]
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