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1 Month and still going strong!

So it has been about a month since I have cut my hair and became a card-carrying member of the Bad Ass Bald Chicks Club. At first a month seemed like such a long time to keep it bald, but the time has gone quickly. I told myself I would do it for a month and I have. Will I keep it? Yes. How long? I don’t know. I like it. People [public] seem nicer to me. Polite. Civil. Like they have let their guard down. I think I am getting this reaction because people think I have The Cancer.

One day an elderly lady stopped me in the grocery store and told me that ‘my look’ works on me. Another day, the cashier at Jo-Ann’s Craft Store, who herself had short hair, leans into me and asks gently, “I just have to ask, did you do it on purpose?”
Me: Yes.
Cashier: “I have always wanted to do that.”
Me: Then you should. [I say with as much feeling *if feelings could be passed to another* of hope and courage.]

At the Comic Con in San Diego, a comic book author told me excitedly that he loves bald women…, “See, I even drew them in my comic book” he says, flipping the pages to show me a super hero bald woman.
Me: Ummm [trying to muster interest]
He: It’s sexy.
Me: Thank you.

At WF Grocery Seafood Counter, I could tell the man getting my tuna steaks was nervous. You know, making bad jokes. Before he hands me my fish he says, “Can I tell you something without you getting mad at me?”
Me: Sure
He: You’re so…It’s just… [stuttering, obviously overwhelmed by the big shiny round thing blocking his vision]
Me: It’s the bald head isn’t it?
He: It’s everything! It’s the whole package!
Me: [smiling demurely] Thank you.

So, is it me? The bald head? The friendly town I live in? On the whole, have the other bald chicks in this forum gotten a positive response from the general public?

I thought I would feel less feminine, being bald. I know, silly huh?! But I feel more feminine. And strong. Even tough. I can feel it in how I carry myself. What a combination It’s a nice side-effect.

It would be cool, if as humans, we had a ‘reset internal body temperature’ methodology and that was to shave all the hair on your head and keep it that way for 20 days or something like that. I have wondered if being bald has affected the way I react to temperatures.

I’m surprised by the number of women who tell me they have always wanted to do it. For me, going bald was not a life long desire, nor was it a whim. I guess if I had wanted to go bald in the past, I would have. I think these women live under different rules. As one of DJ’s classmates’ mother said with wistful envy, “ I have always wanted to do that! But my husband would kill me!”
Me: I’m sorry.

It seems most people know a woman who has been bald, usually an aunt who had cancer. While I notice more bald men now then ever, I am always looking for the other bald women wherever I go. There just aren’t any. Which is one of the reasons I like this community.

Have you ever had this experience?
I see a bald man looking at me.
I then look at his wife/girlfriend, who is looking at him, looking at me.
He looks back at his wife/girlfriend, who is looking at him pissed. lol

I have some fabric that has a snake like texture to it and using some double stick tape I cut out swirls, hearts, teardrops and then wear them on the back of my neck or on my arm. I went to the fabric store and bought some fabric with goldfish, flowers, dragons, Asian women. Fun.

Flowers on my head

Sassy Swirl

Razors: Love the new Quattro Blade!
My hair color is naturally dark and thick, so when I shave, I look like I have 5 o’clock shadow. I didn’t expect that. Anyone else with dark hair deal with this? I am thinking of getting some ‘cover up’ makeup for special events when I want that smooth, no shadow look. Anybody have suggestions on brand or type of make up to get?

I have an overwhelming desire to have lots of beauty shots taken. I would love to shoot with Vin Diesel. Anyone know him? aliteraryaffair has recently gone bald. I suggested a shoot. I imagine us hugging, our cheeks pressed together, smiling, with our eyes shut. I also have to take side, front, back and top down views to make The Cube
Overall, life goes on, ‘cause I’m more than just my hair.

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