He needs all the world to confirm; (elasticalice) wrote in herbaldness,
He needs all the world to confirm;

I'm new, just got approved last night. :) My name's Laura, I'm 16, and lost in the land of super hot summers and super cold winters. (Minnesota) I got my head shaved about 3 days ago, but kept a chelsea cut, as you can see. You all look wonderful!


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Wow! Looks great!
Thanks! :D
I had a chelsea cut awhile ago, it's one of my favorite ways to keep my hair. You look great with it.

Thanks! It is an awesome haircut to have. I've never loved my hair so much.
cool !!
Melory in "Natural Born Killers"
Thanks. ^^ Not sure who that is. >>
i had a chelsea once. it looked horrible because it wasn't even. yours looks nice.
Thanks. :) I saw your picture, too. Very pretty!