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Hair Today, Gone...

Hello everyone,
I'm a newbie. Just went bald on Friday. I'm really glad to be here.
Got time to read? I write about my thoughts about going bald a few days before
FYI: DJ is my 12 year old son, brkvw is my husband

I have been thinking of cutting my hair for quite some time now. It’s damn long. Pulling my hair out of my pants when dressing is getting old and just seems wrong. Plus it is time for a change. My threshold for this type of change is much higher than my husbands.

So… it will probably happen soon. Very soon, as I have been thinking about it for a long time. I thought of cutting it and donating the hair to Locks of Love. Still might do that. I have also thought of selling it on ebay. Actually have two listings going at the same time. One for the hair and pitted against it is the second one… ‘Pay me to NOT cut my hair’ with a one-year guarantee. Who knows… there might be a long-hair enthusiast out there. Ever get one of these?

But, there is no ‘hook’, I’m not 19 and need money for college, so it is unlikely the listing would get picked up as a story by the AP.

I called a friend of mine who is in the ‘reality tv biz’ and asked her if she knows of a show that could use me, but couldn’t think of anything. There is always Ambush Makeover but it’s meant to happen to me, I can’t just sign up for it. So, in the end, I will probably just cut my hair and donate it to Locks of Love.

M$?… why? Because I can. And I want to see what I look like. 5 years ago, when I had really really long hair and cut it really really short [yes… this is a pattern], I did not have the confidence to do so. Now I do. My identity and my sexuality is not wrapped up in my hair or appearance. I have to admit being around a lot of bald or recently bald cancer patients has intrigued me, even though my baldness will be by choice.

I don’t dress in all black all the time and have tattoos and piercings, so I won’t be mistaken for a youth going through a rebellious phase… though, I could start. I’ll probably be mistaken for having cancer, or going through midlife. Here are some t-shirt ideas to thwart questions.
No, I don’t have cancer… I’m just a bad ass bald chick
No cancer, no midlife, just choice
Don’t ask… I won’t tell

Why is being bald an acceptable choice for men, but not for women? There was a time, not too long ago, that long hair was not acceptable for men, that boldly colored hair, you know chunky strips of pink, blue, orange, was not acceptable for men or women either. Do we judge people for their hair? In 50 years, will we look back at this time and laugh at how closed minded we were to find it disdainful for a woman to be bald? I hope so.

I have told a number of people of my plans and they looked shocked and hurt. Little did I know they are in love with my hair. My favorite response so far has been, “No, you are not going to do that.” lol. The social experiment gets interesting… while being bald amongst strangers will be relatively easy, how will it be around someone I know that can’t bear to look at me?

A girlfriend of mine, Apple, wrote me about how feminine and sexy long hair is and whether or not my man will still find me sexy. [for the record, he will] Then she asked, “Am I missing something? Or should I ask in earnest, are you going through something? My hairdresser told me yesterday she had a client come in, not really knowing how short she wanted to go, then in the end asked her to shave it off. Turns out, this gal was just back from the mainland and had been raped. She wanted to shed the horror of her experience by cutting her hair off. Probably why I'm asking if you are going through something radical at present.”

No, I am not ‘going through anything’. I probably won’t be bald for long, as I suspect I will find shaving tedious. I look forward to not hunting for white hairs, wearing wigs, wearing red lipstick, running my hands through my short hair and then coloring it. But the thing I have enjoyed most has been contemplating this and that I have the freedom to do so.

Then I kind of milked it by posting everyday until the countdown. Can you blame me?:)

3 Days to go...
Thank you all for your responses and support. I’m a little nervous, but excited at the same time.

Today I bought a shorthaired wig. As much as I like wigs, I have never been comfortable in a wig store. I almost left after getting the willies. Maybe it’s all those heads and eyes. Anyway, inevitably the store assistant says, “You’re going to cut it? Why? It’s so beautiful.” [I didn’t clue them in to the bald part]
I said, “I know, I love it, but I can’t eat chocolate cake everyday. Can you?”
Store assistant: glazed look

Which leads me to another t-shirt saying:
Why? ‘Cause I can’t eat chocolate cake everyday!

DJ has known my hair plans for quite some time. He is all for me going bald, though biased, mainly because my hair clogs the rollers in the vacuum cleaner and every 3-4 times he uses it, is has to be cut out. I told him I was going to get a wig today and he said:
Why? If you’re going to go bald, just BE bald.

2 Days to go...
OK… I am totally milking this… another post!!
T-shirt saying idea from scottsch:
Hot Space Alien
Or maybe it should be:
Space Aliens are Hot!

How about:
Because I am more than just my hair

I look forward to experimenting with sponging on makeup, like Alien NationJ I should get some waterproof makeup. Temporaty tattoos will be fun. I also look forward to brkvw drawing on my head.

Believe it or not, today I bought a pair of long, big earrings…to draw the attention away from the bald head, from a female land pirate. She was an older woman wearing a black eye patch that had rhinestones on it.

Me: Will you be embarrassed to be seen with me?
DJ: No, I have the paper bags ready. With holes cut out for eyes, and mouth.

1 Day to go...
Don’t really have much to say, but I started the countdown, so here goes…

Me: Will you watch?
DJ: No, I’ll be in my room.

I’ll be making a blueberry pie to celebrate.
Goodbye hair. You have served me well. Thank you.

And finally, I cut it all off. Pictures and post are on my website
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